Quality First is our motto. It is always the 1st priority for SILVER LINE to ensure safe and consumer friendly fabric. SILVER LINE has its own high-tech laboratory and computer data processor. The LAB is fully equipped with modern testing equipments and machines enable us to check the fabric/yarn/dyes & chemicals in all stages of required testing parameters & performance. The testing LAB equipments are sourced from renowned brands from USA & UK like James HEAL/ LAWER/ ATLAS.


Worker Benefit

SILVER LINE GROUP is committed to comply with all the social compliance & ethical practices at all our factories to maintain high level of health & safety measures, enthusiastic work environment, hygienic facilities, well lighted & ventilated work areas and above all satisfied customers & employees.

Every section of SILVER LINE GROUP strictly follows the local & international laws related to the compliance and ethical practices for textile and apparel industries. Our continuous endeavour of employee empowerment and health, education, training and environmental sustainability and many more.

SILVER LINE has medical facilities, safety procedures and devices especially fire and material handling, training and appraisal systems for employees, canteen and living facilities, hygiene at all work stations are under continuous improvement process for the delight of the people associated with the organization.


Green Factory

SILVER LINE GROUP has it’s factories on 70 acres of land at Monipur, Near Mirzapur, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh and this is a certified green factory. Silver Line factories have greenery in every corner of the factory.

Beside that consumption of electricity in the factories is 350 kilowatt per hour for the 283,280-square-metre with 8 factory buildings. Usually, 550-kilowatt electricity is needed to run such a big production house.

However, SILVER LINE is making it in less than 200kw by adopting green technology. The factory which started operation in mid-2013 uses sunlight during production hours. Silver Line does not face any problem in doing finer works like sewing or fixing small needles in the machines as there is enough sunlight in the factory. Silver Line saves up to 35 percent electricity by using natural light.

SILVER LINE has 38 percent less carbon emission and spared 64 percent space around the factory located on 70 acres of land as per the requirements of green technologies.

The factory produces 65kw electricity from its solar panels and also reuses the dyeing water by recycling it at effluent treatment plants.

In Bangladesh, Silver Line is one of the highest rated green garment factories. We believe that our green factory not only to save energy, water and environment but also to offer a safe workplace. In the green initiatives, our factory also have school, childcare, medical center, worker quarter and recreation facilities and training programs for workers.
Our international buyers are very satisfied with our green initiative. We hope that green initiatives adopted by our factory will help Bangladesh brighten the image of the country as well as the garment sector.